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13 04, 2020

Influence of flow rate and concentration on production efficiency

2020-09-02T07:57:42+08:00April 13th, 2020|Dredging Knowledge|

1.Flow rate The dredger is operated under certain working conditions, and its output flow is rated under normal conditions. In order to obtain maximum productivity, it is necessary to choose the optimal construction scheme and [...]

13 03, 2020

Troubleshooting of hydraulic system of spud of cutter suction dredger

2020-09-09T03:30:13+08:00March 13th, 2020|Dredging Knowledge|

Failure maintenance of the hydraulic system of spud of cutter suction dredger   In the process of repairing the fault of the hydraulic system of spud of cutter suction dredger, the staff should first confirm [...]

21 02, 2020

Specific methods to improve dredging capacity of CSD

2020-09-09T03:41:39+08:00February 21st, 2020|Dredging Knowledge|

Transform the dredging depth   Based on the designed excavation length, the distance is increased, and the mechanical equipment in the construction process is reformed according to the needs. It is important to note that [...]

14 01, 2020

Daily maintenance and regular inspection of fire equipment

2020-09-09T03:37:18+08:00January 14th, 2020|Dredging Knowledge|

Daily maintenance and inspection of early-warning fire equipment.   The ship fire alarm device shall be inspected by a special person at least once a month for full coverage and shall be recorded, and the [...]

3 01, 2020

Fire-fighting equipment for cutter suction dredger

2020-09-09T03:44:00+08:00January 3rd, 2020|Dredging Knowledge|

Early warning fire-fighting equipment   In the key parts of the ship according to the environment to install temperature or smoke detector, sound-light alarm device, such as the ship engine room, fixed carbon dioxide room, [...]

27 12, 2019

Characteristics of short discharge distance construction of cutter suction dredger

2020-09-09T03:52:38+08:00December 27th, 2019|Dredging Knowledge|

Influence of short discharge distance construction on the dredge pump device   As we know, the design flow and design pressure of the single-speed dredge pump on the cutter suction dredger usually correspond to the [...]

20 12, 2019

Construction methods for different soil qualities

2020-09-11T09:27:04+08:00December 20th, 2019|Dredging Knowledge|

Excavate hard clay. Hard clay moisture content is low, cohesive force is large, the cutter rotation is clockwise, in the right transverse movement is easy to produce "hob" phenomenon, in addition to appropriate control of [...]

28 11, 2019

The main factors to be considered in selecting a dredger

2020-09-11T09:38:35+08:00November 28th, 2019|Dredging Knowledge|

Selecting dredger appropriately according to construction conditions is an important prerequisite for organizing dredger construction and dredging. If the dredger is not chosen properly, it will not only increase the cost of dredging but also [...]

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