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Hansel TSHD

HANSEL provides the kits of equipment for the Newbuilding or Retrofitting project of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD).

HANSEL has built a professional, experienced and highly responsible team, including engineers, crew, architects, workers, etc., and the team is experienced in international projects and business. HANSEL also established a Quality Management System that has been audited to ISO9001, which further ensures our ability to fulfill our customer’s needs.

TSHD Components

Hansel supplies complete accessories and equipment for various types of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD).

Drag head

Drag Head

The drag head is composed of main body, self-adjusting visor, high-pressure jet water device, teeth system and other components.

Trailing Suction Pipe

Trailing Suction Pipe

Hansel designs and manufactures trailing suction pipe installations which are the dredging system for dredgers.


The outreach of the gantries is sufficient to hoist the drag head free from the hull at a maximum list of the Vessel of approx. 7°.



The winches are of adequate strength to hoist the maximum weight of the trailing suction pipe and jet water pipe in a horizontal position above water level.

Single joint

Single Joint

The single hinge enables horizontal movement and is bolted between the upper suction pipe and suction pipe bend.

Cardan hinge

Cardan Hinge

The cardan hinge enables horizontal and vertical movement and is bolted between the turning gland and upper suction pipe.

Bottom door

Bottom Door

The bottom door is composed by: bottom ring and sealing, bottom door, connecting rod, cylinder seat, hydraulic cylinder, etc.


Over Flow

In order to be able to load spoil of different material densities the hopper is fitted with one movable telescopic type overflow, installed in the forward part of the hopper.

Bow discharging

Bow Discharging

The bow discharging device is to be equipped to unload the dredged material in the hopper to ashore site at long distance or rainbowing discharging.

Dredge Pump

Dredge Pump

The impeller in the dredging pump is installed in the pump casing and connected to the drive motor through a gear box and a shaft.

Wheel House Console

Dredge Control System

The dredge control system is used to monitor and manage the operations of dredging equipment, optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of the dredging process

dredging hose03

Dredge Floating Hose

The dredge floating hose is used to transport slurry, sediment, and water mixture from the dredging area to the disposal area.

Swell Compensator

Swell Compensator

The swell compensator is a device designed to absorb the vertical movements and energy generated by waves and swells, ensuring the suction pipe maintains optimal contact with the seabed during dredging operations

Gate Valve

Gate Valve

The gate valve is a crucial component used to control the flow of dredging material into the hopper or its discharge either through dumping doors, overflow or pumping out

Ball joint

Ball joint

The ball joint acts as a flexible coupling between two pipes used to transport dredging materials from the dredger to the discharge area