15M Work Boat

200M3 Booster Pump Boat

28P Crew Barge

16M Multifuction Work Boat

50M Piling Barge

1000CBM Split Type Hopper Barge

20M Pilot Boat

Jiangsu Hansel Marine Equipment Co Ltd has the latest models of hopper barge offered with a complete user guide and support to keep them in good working conditions. Choose the right type of barge systems and get quote from us. 

High-grade and advanced hopper barge is a type of non-mechanical ship or vessel – that cannot move around by itself – unlike some other types of barges that are designed to carry different types of materials like sand, soil, rocks and rubbish mainly for dumping into the ocean, a river or lake for land reclamation. 

Looking for different types of hopper barge to smooth ship or vessel operations?

We have different types of barge that include 1000CBM Split Type Hopper Barge, 50M Piling Barge, 16M Multifunction work boat, 28P Crew Barge and different other types of barge systems that are easy to operate and come with a complete user manual to get the best use of them. Choose the right type of barge systems and we ensure delivery right to your address in secure way after customs clearance and other formalities that are required to complete. 

We also offer customized Hopper Barge systems too. Feel free to contact us and get the latest range of barge systems.