43M Sand Mining Dredger

(Chain Bucket Type)

47M Sand Mining Dredger

(Chain Bucket Type)

300T Self-Unloading Barge

1000T Self-Unloading Barge

Sand dredger is the most commonly used machining process for the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors and different water bodies. It is the natural process of sand and silk washing downstream – gradually fills channels and harbors. If you are looking for the premium quality and advanced sand dredger with installation support and delivery right to your given address, you have come at the right place China Dredging – an online wing of HANSEL Marine Equipment Co Ltd. 

HANSEL Marine Equipment Offers High-Grade Sand Dredger

We are the top manufacturer, contractor and trader with specialization in design, building, selling and operating series of cutter suction dredgers and other kinds of working ships with reliable qualities, excellent performance and professional services, offers you a  new range of sand dredger with a complete user guide. 

We design and deliver different models of sand dredger that include 43M sand mining dredger, 47M sand mining dredger in chain bucket type and different other types. They are ideal for smooth dredging operations to finish in real time manner. Choose the latest models of your choice, go through the details and place your order. We ensure delivery on time and after customs clearance and other formalities.