There are two types of winch for modern cutter suction dredger, electric drive type, and hydraulic drive type. The hydraulic drive winch has two types, open-gear transmission hydraulic winch, and the planetary reducer hydraulic winch. Traditional electric drive winches are mostly parallel shaft reducers and open-gear transmissions. In recent years, electric drive planetary reducer winches have also been applied.

The working winches of the cutter suction dredger include ladder winch, swing winch, anchor winch, and spud winch. Each winch has a different function and requirement.

Generally, all the winches are to be capable of speed adjustment within a certain range of rope speeds. Generally, there are manual stop pins, and the lifting winch should also be provided with a brake device. Due to its unique structure, the planetary reducer hydraulic winch has the advantages of small size, lightweight and convenient installation, so it has been widely used in modern cutter suction dredgers.