dredging cutter tooth

The dredging cutter teeth, because of different dredging forms, can be divided into four categories: reamer cutter teeth, bucket-wheel cutter, knife flywheel cutter teeth, and environment-friendly cutter teeth. Among them, reamer cutter tooth and bucket wheel cutter tooth are the most common, while knife flywheel cutter tooth is more common in Germany and Japan. In recent years, environment-friendly cutter tooth is a new technology in the case of increasingly high environmental protection requirements, especially in urban environmental dredging work, its role is getting extremely bigger.

On the whole, no matter what cutter tooth, they all play a significant part in the performance of the cutter suction dredgers. Therefore, the requirements we design the cutter tooth is one with the least possibility of leakage and blockage, the minimum suction resistance, and also minimum cutting power. And we need, under different conditions, the reamer, the mud pump, and the winch on the ship to match up well with the others, and to simplify the procedure of manufacture, installation, and maintenance. However, these requirements above are often mutually restricted. In the design process, we should choose the best choice according to actual conditions, to get the ideal effect as far as possible.

Different soil should adopt different cutter teeth. and different cutter teeth have different restrictions in the construction and environment. So, when dredging, a suitable dredging cutter should be selected correspondingly. No matter what kind of tool in the design process will always be affected by several inherent factors: the shaft power of the cutter, the power of the mud pump, the diameter of the suction pipe and the discharge pipe, the shape and structural form of the cutter, the shape, and position of the suction port, the quality of the dug soil, the digging depth, etc.

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