HANSEL 22 inch CSD

Before dredging, we should first carry out a soil survey and understand the local hydrological and meteorological conditions. And we should also apply the theory of dredging and mud transportation, which mainly includes the setting of reamer excavation parameters and the matching of key parameters of centrifugal pump, mud pump, pipeline, diesel engine, etc. Among them, the influence of dredged soil on excavation and transportation, the relationship between density and output, and particle size should be analyzed, as well as the impact of shape and sedimentation rate on the flow velocity, etc. We should also pay attention to the causes of cavitation and prevent it. After full consideration of impact elements, we need to design the whole construction blueprint and choose the proper construction method as well as dredgers. Moreover, we should confirm manipulating ways and ensure equipment, system, and spare parts are in place including the cutter and mud pump system. Do not forget to set the pipelines.

Besides, the operators should be fully up on the dredging performance, machinery status, and structure of every part such as the diameter of the cutter, the retainer shape of the suction head, the runner size of the mud pump, the revolution and load of the main engine, etc. At the same time, they should also be capable of tackling emergencies.

The operation of the CSD will mainly include the cutter, mud pump, pipeline, steel pile, trolley, positioning system, instrument, and monitoring software.