Dredge Pump

Due to its dredging, mud transporting, mud unloading, and other working processes, the dredger can be completed continuously at one time. It is a kind of dredging and dredging equipment with high efficiency and low cost. It is a good underwater excavation machine and is widely used. , then what are the precautions for the use of high-efficiency and high-power mud pumps for dredgers?

  1. After the dredger pump is fixed at the work site, it should be checked whether the main shaft of the prime mover and the main shaft of the pump are on the same axis. If the shaft is different, it should be adjusted immediately.
  2. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump should have bearing supports to avoid the gravity of the pipes being applied to the pump body. Pipeline installation should extend outward from the pump inlet and outlet flanges, and support positioning should be done immediately.
  3. When the mud pump is working, high-pressure clean water must be injected into the packing chamber to protect the shaft seal components. The main pump must not close the high-pressure clean water pump during normal operation. The pressure of clean water should be greater than the working pressure of the sediment pump. It will wear out quickly in the case of high-pressure water protection.
  4. The suction stroke in the pump performance table refers to the anti-cavitation characteristics of the pump under the condition of normal temperature and clean water. When pumping sediment, the inlet pressure of the pump should be as positive as possible. When the sediment contains larger solid particles, the flow head of the pump will also be affected, and the medium should be considered when selecting the model.
  5. When replacing the impeller, lining plate, and other wearing parts, the gap between the impeller and the front and rear lining plates should be adjusted. The size of the axial gap between the impeller and the lining plate has a great influence on the performance and service life of the pump
  6. Please add lubricating grease to the bearing parts in time.
  7. When the pump has abnormal vibration during operation, dredger noise and bearing heating are too high, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection.