The cutter suction dredger and the boost pump boat work in series. The determination of the position of the boost pump boat is the key factor to improve the production efficiency.Under the long discharge distance, Using boost pump for conveying system pressurization to achieve the desired transfer effect when the inherent head of the single ship is not enough to maintain the stable transmission, is the main way to solve the long discharge distance transportation.Due to the increase of boost pump, construction costs have been increased, This requires that the pump with the proper conveying capacity should be equipped as much as possible to maximize the performance of the boost pump.But during construction,the relative density of slurry in pipeline will fluctuate greatly during the operation of the cutter suction dredger such as reversing, moving anchors,overturning spud carriage When this change will be transmitted to the boost pump can not be foreseen.Large changes in delivery conditions may result in damage to the boost pump equipment or pipeline or affect the efficiency of the entire delivery system. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the position of the boost pump at a stable speed in order to be able to transport any relative density of slurry without causing danger to the normal operation of the equipment.As a common construction ship, boost pump boat has the advantages of convenient water layout and moving position,and is suitable for mud extraction area far from shore.The construction should pay attention to the fact that the boost pump boat needs smooth water flow,little influence by wind and waves, it is best to have a cover of spacious waters,and whether anchoring is obstructive to navigation.

  • Under the combination of main ship mud, clear water of pipeline between two ships, clear water of boostpump and mud after boost pump, the farthest distance that can be arranged is the smallest.At this time, the main ship’s mud pump uses a larger lift to transport mud, and the friction resistance of pipelines between the two ships is smaller when transporting clean water, which leads to abundant pressure in front of the pump, small suction pressure when the boost pump transports clean water, and high pressure after the boost pump.It needs a sufficient distance between the two ships to ensure that the pressure bearing capacity of the boost pump equipment and the pipeline after the boost pump are not damaged and overrun.
  • The combination of the main ship clear water, the two-ship pipeline mud, the boostpump mud, and the fresh water after the boost pump is the maximum distance between the two ships.At this time, the head of the main ship mud pump is low when the water is cleaned,and the friction resistance of the pipeline between the two ships is larger when the mud is transported, which results in a small head left before the pipeline is transported to the boost pump,and the head of the boost pump when transporting the mud higher, which produces a larger suction pressure before the pump, so the condition at this time requires that the water consumption between the two ships is relatively small,so that there is enough water head in front of the boost pump to withstand the pressure drop before the pump.
  • If the scope defined in the above two cases can be satisfied, the combination of other groups can also be constructed normally.
  • The location of the relay pump set, the more close to the construction scope of middle position, the higher the stability of construction will, the concentration of the construction can be appropriately increased.