1.Flow rate

The dredger is operated under certain working conditions, and its output flow is rated under normal conditions. In order to obtain maximum productivity, it is necessary to choose the optimal construction scheme and maximize the output flow while ensuring the normal operation of the dredge pump. Under the conditions of fixed construction layout, the output flow rate of the dredge pump is generally not increased due to the limitation of the slurry transport characteristics of the dredge pump. On the contrary.

In actual construction. The reduction of discharge capacity is common: (1) the suction capacity of the dredge pump blocked (suction port and dredge pump blocked foreign matter). The discharge capacity is reduced; (2) the wear of the pump is intensified, and the internal discharge is increased. The efficiency is reduced and the discharge capacity is reduced; (3) the failure of the main engine of the dredge pump results in the decline in speed and displacement; (4) the deposition and blockage in the discharge pipe results in the decrease of discharge capacity.

Therefore, the detection and prevention of flow decline, to ensure that the pump has a steady flow output, also has a positive significance for the improvement of production efficiency.


In the construction, under the condition of certain discharge capacity. Production efficiency is proportional to slurry concentration. It is very important to maintain a stable concentration of the dredge pump during construction. In the actual dredging process, it is necessary to maintain high concentration production, but at the same time to have a correct understanding of high concentration. The production personnel should have a clear understanding of the working conditions of the specific project and the production capacity and equipment performance of the dredger. Select a suitable concentration as the reference, record the parameters of each instrument at that time, optimize the operation. The equipment is always in the best working condition so that the excavated soil area is transferred to the discharge field with maximum efficiency.

If the high concentration is blindly pursued and the specific conditions of construction are ignored, the head loss of suction and discharge will increase. Increased discharge of the pump. More than the load capacity of the dredge pump, resulting in a drop in the displacement, and in order to prevent pipe blocking, the pipeline has to be flushed with clean water for a period of time, the result is to reduce the production efficiency. Or it will eventually cause pipe blockage, which will cause more losses to the construction and affect the overall production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a balanced and appropriate dredge pump concentration, never blindly pursue a high vacuum, high concentration.