The performance of cutter

Cutter is a cutting tool for cutter suction dredger to cut underwater soil. Driven by the prime mover, it rotates to cut the soil layer and causes the soil layer separated by cutting to be deformed, broken, and mixed with water to form a slurry, which is fed into dredge pump by the suction port in cutter cavity. In order to improve the cutting ability of cutter, people design open cutter, closed cutter, toothed grain cutter, and other types of cutter according to different working conditions and soil types. But no matter what kind of cutter, there are “positive cutter” and “reverse cutter” in the cutting process.

The development of cutter

When the transverse direction of the cutter ladder is the same as the rotation direction of the cutter. This is called “positive cutter” cutting. At this time the resistance of cutter to overcome the cutting soil comes from the self-weight pressure of cutter and its ladder. In general, when the cutting of the soil is relatively soft, whether it is a “positive knife” or “reverse knife”. Cutter can cut normally; But when the cut soil is relatively hard. In other words, when the resistance of the soil layer to cutter cutting is greater than the self-weight pressure of cutter ladder, the phenomenon of “climbing cutter” or “hob” will appear, which makes cutter cutting more difficult. In order to solve the low efficiency of cutter in cutting hard soil, a bucket-wheel cutter was designed.

Bucket-wheel cutter

The biggest difference between bucket wheel cutter and common cutter is that its rotation line and the axis of the ladder are not coaxial, but intersect 90°. That is what makes the bucket-wheel cutter move left or right in the process of cutting, the cutting forms similar to reverse cutter, thus effectively solving the problem of “climbing and hob” when the soil resistance is greater than the self-weight pressure of cutter ladder in the cutting process, and greatly improving the efficiency of cutting hard soil. It is because the bucket wheel cutter has the advantage of digging hard soil. If the existing equipment of the enterprise is a cutter suction dredger, and often encounter similar plastic gula or hard clay working conditions, it should be selected to carry out the transformation of bucket wheel cutter and transform the cutter suction dredger into bucket wheel dredger or bucket wheel/cutter suction dual-purpose dredger.