HANSEL 22 inch CSD

Cutter suction dredgers are currently widely used in dredging constructions, which are using the front end of the suction pipe to install rotary reamer device around it to cut and stir the sediment at the bottom of the river, and then the twisted sediment material is transported to disposal areas by the powerful pump force through the suction pipe.

Dredging, mud transporting, mud unloading, and other working processes can be completed continuously at one time. The large cutter suction dredgers have the following characteristics in large row spacing construction operations:

  • Wide range of soil properties. Since the large cutter suction dredgers can adapt to a variety of soil types including weathered rock, the application of the process is broad. Considering the efficiency and safety of the blowing and barging process, it is recommended to use the blowing and barging process in the construction of hard soil layers, because the construction of hard soil layers has high output value, low productivity, and small impact on the mud barge supporting the process, which can effectively ensure safe construction.
  • The water depth must meet the construction requirements. During the barge blowing operation in the channel, the supporting facilities include 300m~600m water pipelines, two 1,000m mud barges, and flat barges that meet the needs of the barge, so a certain water area is required and the water depth is generally to be more than -5m.
  • Meet environmental requirements. The blowing and barge filling can be dumped in the mud throwing area designated by the national marine department to meet the regulatory requirements of the relevant department.
  • Turn blasting into twisting, reduce cost, and speed up progress. The technological process, cost consumption and project progress control of large cutter suction dredger in blowing and barge operation are superior to the underwater reef blasting process.
  • The operation technology of large cutter suction dredgers cannot completely replace underwater reef blasting. At present, large cutter suction dredgers in China (take Tianniu as an example) can only excavate weathered rock and soil of less than 45MPa (uniaxial compressive strength). Beyond this strength, we can only choose underwater reef blasting.