How to choose construction combination

Large projects can be divided into several construction sections with different construction conditions, and they need both excavation and filling, according to the characteristics of the above construction composition, choose the appropriate combination of construction, such as approach channel select self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger, excavation, blowing and towing combination is selected for the wharf foundation trench, the blow-filling combination of the cutter suction dredger is used for the harbor basin, and the grab bucket dredger is used for onshore or deep water treatment for removing obstacles, etc. For the whole project, it is a large-scale, complex, and cross construction combination.

Use different types of the dredger construction combination

In some construction area, from the perspective of the main body of the project, it is suitable for a certain type and specification of dredger, but some conditions of construction area are not suitable for the dredger processing, such as the construction area does not have the dredger construction of the initial water depth or the water depth of the local section leading to the dump is insufficient, or some construction sections are limited by the river crossing buildings or underwater obstacles need to be treated. Therefore, it is necessary to use different types and specifications of the dredger construction combination. For example, a small dredger (or even a human) is used to create construction depth for a large dredger and to undertake the construction of sections limited by buildings; The suitable dredger is selected according to the construction conditions of the local section. The single bucket dredger is used to deal with the obstacles and is responsible for the construction close to the building and the treatment of the hard substrate, etc.

Conditions of construction combination

Ship dispatching is also the condition to determine the selection of construction combinations. Generally, the dispatch of dredgers to the construction area is carried out along land and water, but in some construction areas or land and water are limited by water depth and building clearance across the river or the land and water is completely impassable, dredger must take part or all from the land transport method. Land transport is generally only suitable for medium and small cutter suction dredger or small bucket dredger. Under the condition of the continuous improvement of land transportation equipment, it is no longer very difficult to transport the small or medium combined cutter suction dredger from land, but it is very difficult for the overall medium cutter suction dredger.