Dredgers are mainly used for river dredging, sand dredging, land reclamation, road construction, etc., and they shine with the promotion of the ecological civilization construction. Classification of dredgers: cutter suction dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, bucket wheel dredgers, chain bucket dredgers and bucket dredgers.


Cutter suction dredger: Cutter suction dredger is a kind of ship that is widely used in dredging and dredging projects. The sediment is cut and agitated, and then the twisted sediment material is transported to the sediment material accumulation yard by means of a powerful pump force through the suction pipe.Its process of dredging, transporting, and unloading can be completedcontinuouslyat one time in a row. It is not only an efficient and low cost dredger but also a good underwater excavation machine.

Trailing suction dredger

Trailing suction dredger: Trailing suction dredger is one of the suction lift types. It sucks the mud through the rake heads placed on both sides of the hull or at the stern, and works in the way of sucking mud and sailing. Trailing suction dredgers are flexible, efficient, and strong against wind and waves, which are suitable for operation in coastal ports, wide river surfaces and ship anchorages.

H450 Wheel Cutter Suction Dredger (3)

Bucket wheel dredger: The bucket wheel dredger is similar to the cutter suction dredger except for the excavation equipment. The rotating shaft of the bucket wheel forms a certain angle with the support arm, while the rotating shaft of the cutter head of the cutter suction dredger is parallel to the support arm, which is suitable for the site with relatively hard soil.

Chain bucket dredger

Chain bucket dredger: The chain bucket dredger has strong adaptability to soil, and can excavate all kinds of soil except rocks, and has a high digging capacity, regular groove section, and minimal error, and is most suitable for ports Dock berths, hydraulic structures and other specifications are projects with strict requirements, so they have a certain scope of application.

Bucket dredger

Bucket dredger: Bucket dredger is a type of single-bucket dredger, which can concentrate all power on one bucket for extra-hard digging. The dredger uses a boom and a bucket handle to extend the bucket into the water, insert it into the bottom of the river, and excavate the seabed. Then, the bucket together with the bucket handle and boom are lifted and lifted out of the water surface by the winch to the appropriate height, then transferred to the unloading mud or mud barge by the swivel device, the bottom of the bucket is pulled to unload the mud, and then reversed to dredging site,it is more flexible.