dredger working

In recent years, dredgers have made considerable and steady development in dredging and dredging fields such as lake and river regulation. We often encounter various failure problems in the construction process. Today, let’s introduce the reasons for the high bearing temperature of dredgers:

  • the amount of lubricating oil is seriously insufficient;
  • Lubricating oil is too thick or too thin;

when the lubricating oil is too thick or too thin, most of the heat generated by the main bearing of the dredger is taken away by lubricating oil, and the remaining part will be conducted by metal. Besides, when the lubricating oil is too thick, the fluidity will become very poor, and the main bearing will heat up because the heat cannot be removed.

However, if the lubricating oil is too thin, the oil film of liquid friction cannot be formed, which leads to the direct friction of the metal parts of the dredger, thus causing the bearing temperature to be too high.

In most cases, the lubricating oil is too thick or too thin because the oil model is not properly selected, or the oil model is basically suitable. However, the low temperature leads to an increase in oil consistency and poor fluidity. The solution is to re-select lubricating oil, or stop supplying cold water, or heat it with a heater.

  • Deterioration of lubricating oil.

Deterioration of lubricating oil will lose its lubricating performance, so it will also lead to bearing heating. Besides replacing the lubricating oil, the lubricating parts, oil pipes, and oil tanks should be cleaned.

  • The scraping and grinding of the uranium tile surface do not meet the requirements.

If the scraping and grinding of the bearing surface are not enough, it is too tight with the hollow journal; Too many contact points between the tile surface and the journal, and no oil grooves are scraped on the tile surface, etc., will cause the bearing bush to heat up. The solution is to check the scraping quality of the uranium tile surface and scratch it again until it meets the technical requirements.

  • Falling into sundries.

When sundries enter the friction surface between the journal and the bearing bush, it will seriously damage the cooperation between the bearing bush and the journal, aggravate the friction between the bearing bush and the journal surface, and cause fever. The solution is to eliminate sundries and grind uranium tiles again.