At present, due to the increasing demand for dredging channels and building factories in the sea, large cutter suction dredgers are widely used in port construction and Marine development, playing a huge role. Cutter suction dredger is a kind of offshore construction equipment with a complex system and high technical content. The spud carriage is the key system of large cutter suction dredger. Due to the heavy workload and frequent use, the wheelset disassembly system of spud carriage needs regular maintenance.

Disassembly process of wheelset of traditional spud carriage:

Traditional craft one: dock repair

Dock repair is the common method of the overhaul wheelset. The ship is docked, then the carriage is taken off as a whole to repair the wheelset.

Advantages: low safety risk and easy operation.

Disadvantages: expensive repair, long maintenance cycle, poor mobility.

Traditional craft two: use large lifting equipment to remove the carriage wheelset for maintenance.

The dredger will dock at the wharf with large hoisting equipment, use large hoisting equipment such as a floating crane, port gantry crane, and so on to remove the carriage as a whole and repair the wheelset of the carriage.

Advantages: compared with dock repair cost is relatively low, easy to operate, strong mobility.

Disadvantages: the wheelset of maintenance carriage is restricted by objective factors. Firstly, the overall weight of spud carriage (excluding spud) usually exceeds 100 tons. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the lifting capacity of lifting equipment and the bearing capacity of the wharf. Secondly, the overall disassembly of the carriage is restricted by the weather and tidal changes, which makes disassembly and reloading difficult and high safety risks.

The new technology of wheelset disassembly of the spud carriage

In the new process, firstly, the original carriage track is extended by setting a temporary track beam, and then the carriage is slid onto the temporary track beam according to the temporary support wheelset so that the front traveling wheelset of the carriage is separated from the original chute. Secondly, the rear end of the carriage is slightly raised by Jack to make the rear traveling wheelset of the carriage and the chute in a suspended state, and then the carriage and the hull are sealed, and finally the front and rear wheelsets of the carriage are disassembled and repaired.

Advantages: Compared with the traditional maintenance technology, the cost is greatly reduced, avoid the large hoisting at sea, achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

Disadvantages: the disassembly work of the front and rear wheel sets is based on the steel platform, the working surface is small.