10-CB-P Cutter Teeth

The client, who has previously purchased cutter head and cutter teeth from us, has recently placed a new order for 500 pieces of our renowned 10-CB-P cutter teeth. This model of cutter teeth is suitable for hard dredging material, such as rock, gravel, etc. This reaffirms the strong and ongoing partnership we have cultivated with this valued customer.

Hansel is thrilled to announce yet another successful collaboration with our esteemed customer in Tunisia, who has once again chosen Hansel Marine as their trusted supplier for accessories on cutter suction dredgers.

Over the course of multiple transactions, our customer from Tunisia has consistently demonstrated their satisfaction with the quality of our cutter head and cutter teeth. Their continued trust in our offerings is a testament to the dedication and commitment we maintain in delivering top-notch industrial solutions.

10-CB-P Cutter Teeth-2

The 10-CB-P cutter teeth, known for their durability and precision, have become a preferred choice for our customers worldwide. We take pride in being the supplier of choice for this particular client, and we are committed to upholding the high standards that have earned us their trust.

The cutter teeth, characterized by their exceptional durability and precision engineering, find versatile applications across dredging industries. These cutter teeth are specifically designed to excel in tasks requiring precision cutting, ensuring optimal performance in every application.

Hansel team is working diligently to ensure the timely processing and dispatch of the order, with the aim of exceeding our customer’s expectations once again. We appreciate the loyalty and confidence that our customers place in Hansel Marine and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.

Thank you for your unwavering support. If you need various cutter teeth for your cutter suction dredgers or trailing suction hopper dredgers, welcome to send an enquiry to us.