Hansel Marine, is delighted to announce the successful delivery of three hydraulic winches to our esteemed customer. This marks the initiation of a promising collaboration between Hansel Marine and our customer.

The customer recently made a significant procurement of three hydraulic winches, specifically used for swing winches on their existing CSD (Cutter Suction Dredger). These hydraulic winches are poised to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of their dredging operations.

The swing winch is a key equipment of a cutter suction dredger, and its main uses include the following aspects:

  • Positioning and alignment of work position: The swing winch is able to move horizontally, allowing it to accurately locate and align the work area. This is important for performing various tasks in waters such as dredging, digging or other engineering operations.
  • Assist in digging and cutting operations: When deep digging or cutting operations are required, the horizontal movement of the swing winch allows it to better control and perform these operations. This is essential for accurate digging and cutting.
  • Increased efficiency: With the use of the swing winch, the winch can be more flexible to adapt to different working scenarios, thus improving the efficiency and accuracy of the operation. This flexibility helps reduce operating time and costs.
  • Adapt to different water conditions: Different water conditions may require different stranding positions and directions. The presence of the swing winch allows the winch to adapt to different depths, terrain, and other changing water environments to perform various tasks more fully.

Overall, the swing winch plays a key role in the operation of the winch, providing flexibility and precision for a wide range of water works and operations.

The hydraulic winches, known for their robust design and reliable performance, were meticulously selected to meet the unique requirements of the customer. Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to ensure that the winches are tailored to seamlessly integrate with their existing equipment.

As a company dedicated to delivering high-quality hydraulic winches, Hansel looks forward to further strengthening this partnership and providing ongoing support to customers. We are confident that the integration of our hydraulic winches will contribute to the overall success and efficiency of their dredging activities.

For media inquiries or more information about our hydraulic winches, please contact:

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