In middle of September 2021, the HKD-IV Amphibious Multi-purpose Dredger is ready for delivery in Hansel’s factory.

The dredger is a new generation products with many improved designs. The cutter suction head is new type integrated design with higher efficiency and reliability. The dredger is equipped with the crawler traveling system for self-moving on land site.

The dredger is also equipped with stern thruster for self-mobility in water.

The key features and advangages of HKD series dredger are :

– Amphibious operation suitable for working from dry ground, marshland to 6 meters depth water;
– Multipurpose operation by exchanging heads easily, including excavating, suction dredging, piling, raking, etc;
– Transportable on a standard trailer, self-loading & unloading without the need of cranes;
– Self-Launching and Landing by walking independently in and out of water without the need of cranes or tugboats;
– Equipped with stern thruster for self-mobility in water without the help of tugs or workboat;
– High automation for easy operation, the personnel with little training can operate the machine by single person;