Hansel Marine developed a kind of Swinging Ladder-type cutter suction dredger, Hansel Swinging Ladder-30 CSD which is delivered to Taizhou Port recently.
The HSL-30 CSD is a special design of the swinging ladder by cylinders, without swing winches and pulley system, and adoption of the three-spud positioning system.

Features and Advantages of Hansel Swinging Ladder-30 CSD

– Proven design and continuous improvement during long-term dredging operation, suitable for narrow waters operation and eliminates the need for cables and anchors;
– Adoption of the three-spud positioning system, including two square section fore spuds with gear rack hoisting system, and one stern spud with traveling carriage system;
– Ladder hoisting by hydraulic cylinder eliminates the need for a winch and pulley system;
– With the option of swing winches, the HSL type is easily converted to conventional type CSD;
– Providing wheel type or crown type cutter-head, which is easily exchangeable for different soil types;
– Available in diesel or electric power;
– Easily dismantle and assembly, transportable by road, railway, or sea.