Recently, we entered into cooperation with a well-known dredging contractor in the Netherlands and successfully exported a batch of high-quality HS-I type dredging cutter teeth and their matched locking pins.

Dredging Cutter Teeth Model No.: HS-I type 10-CB-N&F, 20-CB-N&F2

This cooperation not only marks the recognition and promotion of our products in the international market but also provides key support for the Marine dredging projects of our customers in the Netherlands.

The Significance of Helping the Cause of Ocean Dredging

Marine dredging is an important link to ensure the safety of the waterway, maintain the smooth transportation of the port, and control the water environment. As a country with a long history and rich experience in hydraulic engineering, the Netherlands has a global reputation for its dredging contractors. Our cooperation with Dutch customers is not only product sales, but also active support and assistance to the Marine dredging industry.

The Installation of Dredging Cutter Teeth

The HS-I type cutter teeth are easy and efficient to install on all types of dredging vessels, including cutter suction dredgers (CSD) and trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD). The cutter teeth are fixed to the cutter head or drag head of the dredger through a professional locking pin, and the installation process is fast and does not require complex tools or professional technical support. This convenient installation method enables the dredging ship to quickly replace the cutter teeth, maintain operational efficiency, and adapt to the needs of different dredging projects.

Follow-up Replacement and Maintenance of Dredging Cutter Teeth

With the progress of the dredging project, the wear of dredging cutter teeth is inevitable. We offer dredging teeth with excellent wear and corrosion resistance, but regular replacement of dredging teeth is essential to maintain operational efficiency. We will establish a long-term partnership with our Dutch customer to provide them with timely cutter tooth replacement services and technical support to ensure that their dredging projects can be continued efficiently.

This cooperation is not only an affirmation of our product technology but also a validation of our competitiveness and reputation in the international market. We sincerely thank our Dutch customer for their trust and support in our products, as well as our team for their hard work and professionalism. We will continue to make unremitting efforts to improve product quality and service level, to provide customers with better quality offshore engineering equipment and solutions.

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