We have delivered locking pins to Korean customer to match their cutter teeth and adapters of the cutter suction dredger. First, we sent our free samples to our customers. We started mass production only after the customer confirmed that the quality was good.

After the production is finished, we tested the locking pins and provided a test report to the customer. The main test items include product hardness, material, dimension and etc.


Locking pins are an essential part in the connection between the cutter teeth and the adapters. Locking pins are used on the cutter suction dredgers, which can fix the cutter teeth and adapters. When fixing and pulling out the locking pins, special tools are needed to operate them. Based on high quality and good service, we have been well received by our customers.

Generally, the ratio of purchasing cutter teeth to locking pins is 1:1; the ratio of purchasing cutter teeth to adapters is 10:1. When cutter suction dredgers are doing dredging works, the cutter teeth are more easily damaged than adapters. So the frequency of cutter teeth replacement will be higher than that of adapters. When we replace the cutter teeth, we need to take out the locking pins, which will be scrapped and cannot be reused. That’s why the replacement frequency of locking pins is high.


Regarding the locking pins adaptation problem, different types of cutter teeth and adapters that fit locking pins are also different. The main differences are in size and shape. According to the shape, the cutter teeth can be divided into wide teeth, narrow teeth, and pick point teeth. Sometimes the same type of wide teeth, narrow teeth, and pick-point teeth are matched with the locking pins in the same model. So when we choose the locking pins, we should also pay attention to whether the locking pins model matches their existing cutter teeth. Normally, our customer purchase cutter teeth, adapters, and locking pins together. We recommend the quantity of locking pins and adapters according to the quantity of cutter teeth they purchase.


If you need cutter teeth, adapters, and locking pins, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide many different types of these products and we also can provide customized service.