At present, the cutter head customized according to the customer’s requirements, matched cutter teeth, and locking pins are on the way to Rades Port, Tunisia.

According to our customer, this cutter head is used for his Beaver 50 cutter suction dredger, and matched cutter teeth are the pick point model. First, the customer sends their cutter head drawing to us and then tells us what they want to change on the drawings. Then, we update our drawing according to the customer’s requirements and send it to the customer for confirmation. After the customer makes the final confirmation, we start a further discussion about production. In the production process, we guarantee the quality and the delivery time, and never allow any mistakes. We update our customers’ production progress in time. At the final stage of production, we painted the cutter head in red and printed the name of the cutter suction dredger according to the customer’s requirements.

Cutter head and cutter teeth for Tunisia04
Cutter head and cutter teeth for Tunisia03

In the dredging field, the most common dredgers are cutter suction dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, bucket dredgers, backhoe dredgers and etc. For a cutter suction dredger, the cutter head is an indispensable and important part. The size, model, and power of the cutter head depend on the size and power of the dredger and the soil type of the dredging area. The larger the scale and power of the dredger, the larger the cutter head; the more complex the soil type of dredging area, the greater the power of the cutter head may be.

The cutter head can match different types and sizes of cutter teeth. According to the soil type of dredging area, you can choose to use flare teeth, narrow teeth, or pick teeth. When the soil type is very soft, you can choose flare teeth; secondly, you need to choose narrow teeth; when the soil type is hard, it is best to choose to pick teeth.

Cutter head and cutter teeth for Tunisia01
Cutter head and cutter teeth for Tunisia02

The quality of our exported cutter heads and cutter teeth has won unanimous praise from our customers. If you have any needs about the cutter head & cutter teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our high quality and good service will definitely satisfy you.