28DS Serial Dredger Teeth

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OEM experiences of cutter teeth manufacturing for world first-class brands;

The company adopts the most advanced production equipment and testing instruments, such as IGBT-550kw medium frequency induction furnace, direct reading spark spectrometer, etc;

The company’s material lab provides support, to ensure that the products meet the European, U.S., or other standards;

Various type of cutter head and teeth for selection, which are suitable for a different type of soils and working conditions;

Oversea Service offices, always available for global after-sales service and Express Supply of spare parts & accessories.

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HS-E 28DS Serial Teeth Specification

HS-E28DS Serial

No. P/No. Length(mm) Width(mm) Weight(kg) Remark
HS-E28DS13AF 296 114 7.2 F type
HS-E28DS13AC 296 39 5.2 N type
HS-E28DS12AP 270 9 4.8 P type