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Main Activities


Dredger Research & Design & Building

Guideline for Selection and Configuration of Cutter Suction Dredger


Dispatch & Assembly & Commissioning

Dredger Dispatch & Assembly & Commissioning


Dredging Operation & Maintenance & Crew Training

Dredging Operation & Maintenance & Crew Training

Parts Supply

Dredging Pump and Dredging Equipment Parts & Fittings

Dredging Pump and Dredging Equipment Parts & Fittings

About Us

HANSEL MARINE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a Manufacturer, Contractor and Trader specializing in design, building, selling and operating series of cutter suction dredgers and other kinds of working ships with Reliable Qualities,  Excellent Performance and Professional Services.

Adoption of Modern Shipbuilding and Engineering Technology

Located in Jiangsu Province, China, the most concentrated and prosperous area of the shipbuilding industry in the world, HANSEL has world-class shipbuilding and engineering technology, which are applied in each process of the production in our shipyard.

Selection of First-class Quality Equipment & Fittings                                        

By careful selection, HANSEL adopts the well-known brand and first-class equipment & fittings with mature technology and reliable quality, to ensure the excellent and durable performance of HANSEL dredger products.

Providing Standard and Customized Designs to Meet Differentiated Needs 

HANSEL provides standard designs of cutter suction dredger series for general requirements; meanwhile, HANSEL R&D center can also provide customized designs and configurations to meet differentiated conditions of dredging field and individualized demands of our clients.

Package Solution in Dredging Projects for Global Customers                                

By dispatching our crew and engineers to the dredging site, HANSEL provides services including dredger dispatch, assembly, dredging operation, maintenance & repairing, crew training, etc; furthermore, benefiting from China’s powerful marine industrial supporting capacity, HANSEL provides one-stop service of supply of marine equipment spare & consumable parts.