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HANSEL 22 inch Dredger

HANSEL has cutter suction dredgers (CSD dredger) that are either self-propelled vessels or stationary dismountable vessels equipped with a rotating cutter head. These powerful cutter suction dredger are used in dredging rock, clay, silt, and sand. HANSEL deploys cutter suction dredger in the construction and maintenance of ports, land reclamation and coastal defenses, riverbank protection, and dredging trenches for pipelines.

HANSEL 22″ CSD Fleet Start Full Power Production in King Mariout Lake

From end of 2020, Hansel HS-55 type CSDs arrived at the dredging site of King Mariout Lake in succession. Upto now, four sets of HS-55 are already in full power production in this area, two sets of HS-55 are in sea transportation from China to Alexandria, and another two sets are in construction by HANSEL in China.

Length overall Breadth Depth Inner Dia. of suction / discharging pipe Max. dredging depth Shaft power
Approx. 38.95 m 8.4m 2.2m 600mm/550mm 14.0m 950Kw

Small & Medium Cutter Suction Dredger

In addition to HS – 55, Hansel designed small and medium dredgers to meet the needs of customers for small and medium units. To undertake some small to medium dredging projects that are smaller than industrial-scale solutions but can be handled appropriately. We recommend three models of dredgers for you to ensure the most suitable product for each customer.

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