dredger cutter head-1

I type Dredge Cutter heads

  • Widely varying dimensions;
  • Refined tooth design;
  • Exceptional wear resistance;
  • Competitive maintenance cost;
  • Rapid delivery;
  • Low cost per ton production;
  • Simplified maintenance.

Hansel has been developing cutters for many decades based on practical experience with numerous types of soil and cutter dredgers. Hansel I type cutters are exposed to continuous technical development and provide an ideal tailored response to every cutter dredging challenge. They can be supplied with a variety of teeth or replaceable cutting edges to offer the full spectrum of standard and customized excavation tools for all types of bottom soils.

I type Dredge Cutter heads-1
I type Dredge Cutter heads


Cutter Head Size Power Range
Hansel 830-50 30KW
Hansel 955-50 55KW
Hansel 1330-120 110KW
Hansel 1455-180 170KW
Hansel 2220-650 700KW
Hansel 2220-750 750KW