Cut your sand and clay dredging costs with the Hansel Sand and Clay Cutter head!

The same technology and design philosophy that goes into making the world’s most advanced rock dredging system is also found in the Hansel Sand and Clay Cutter heads.

Hansel engineers use highly advanced CAD systems and years of industry experience to reach their goal – sand and clay cutter heads designed for maximum production and ease of maintenance.

  • Special arm-to-hub joints create full openings at the hub, providing minimum overlap between point tips and the adjacent arm
  • Optional ring-mounted teeth to provide extra wear protection
  • Arm openings are designed with maximum clearance, subject to customer requirements
  • Above the centerline, points are available to dredge sand, clay, or mixtures
  • Points have maximum wear metal with minimum throwaway metal

cutter head

Cutter Head Size Power Range
28DS 300-1500 HP / 225-1150 KW
38DS 1500-3000 HP / 1150-2250 KW
48DS 3000-5000 HP / 2250-3730 KW
52D 5000-8000 HP / 3730-6000 KW

HANSEL engineers use advanced computer design systems to model Sand and Clay Dredge Cutter heads and analyze angles for maximum performance.