Superior performance with the world’s most advanced dredging system

The Hansel Dredge Cutterhead offers the very latest in HANSEL design and manufacturing technology.

Each cutter head is a custom-engineered system. Hansel dredging specialists carefully analyze customer requirements and operating conditions to arrive at the design criteria for digging angle, arm spacing profile and size, and tooth location and orientation.

Hansel engineers match the design criteria with field proven innovations to produce a cutterhead that provides maximum dredge productivity.

Unique cutterhead point and adapter system

Hansel adapter system offers high strength with quick change advantages!

Hansel adapters are a unique dredge cutter head system. The system features a method of attachment that is much stronger than traditional weld-on adapter systems while reducing maintenance requirements.

The adapter installation uses a ball and socket joint. The cutter head arm has cast “sockets” to receive the “ball” of the adapter, which is secured to the socket with an angle weld.

A high-impact epoxy lining in the socket ensures a precise fit and permits the tooth angle to alter as operating conditions change. Adapter change-outs are much faster than with traditional weld-on adapter systems, and the point tip orientation is easily maintained.

The Hansel adapter system transfers impact loads throughout the arm, allowing the cutter head to withstand extreme punishment.

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Advanced Technology Ensures Unsurpassed Productivity

Proven features designed to meet your needs!

Every Hansel Dredge Cutterhead is unique: each comprises proven features matched to customer requirements. Examples of this customized design approach include:

  • Hub-mounted teeth assist a suction cutter dredge with a hydraulically advanced spud to step forward
  • Ring mounted teeth provide an extra measure of wear protection
  • Arm spacing, profile and tooth type are determined to suit the material being dredged

The superiority of the Hansel Dredge Cutterhead is the result of unmatched design and metallurgical capabilities.

Sophisticated computer technology helps design superior cutter heads!

Computer-aided design (CAD) allows Hansel engineers to design cutter heads and their components with speed and accuracy.

  • Optimum arm spacing and size can be quickly determined
  • Accurate tooth location and orientation are the primary consideration in cutter head performance
Cutter head Power Range
Size Light-duty Rock Heavy-duty Rock
28DS 300-1000 HP / 225-750 KW
38DS 1000-2000 HP / 750-1500 KW 800-1800 HP /600-1350 KW
48DS 2000-3500 HP / 1500-2625 KW 1800-2800 HP /1350-2100 KW
52D 3500-5000 HP / 2625-3750 KW 2800-3500 HP /2100-2600 KW
58D 5000-7000 HP / 3750-5250 KW 3500-5000 HP /2600-3730 KW
62D 5000-6500 HP /3730-4850 KW
68D 6500-8000 HP /4850-6000 KW

Hansel rock dredge cutter heads are available in several sizes. Choose the one that will fit your specific dredge and cutter head needs.