HANSEL delivered 2330 Cutter Head (1800KW) and Teeth for Indian client.

In middle of this August, HANSEL delivered one set of Cutter head and teeth for Indian client.

The cutter head is to replace the client’s existing cutter head 30-CB-ACR type, with inner diameter of base-ring 2330mm, and shaft power of 1800KW. HANSEL also provides 30-CB-ACR adapters, and two type teeth, 30-CB-F2 (Flat type) and 30-CB-n (Narrow type) for the cutter head.

HANSEL has the full set of engineering drawings for the manufacturing of the cutter head and teeth system. Upon the completion of production, HANSEL invited BV surveyor to inspect the cutter head carefully and found it fully met the technical requirements with good quality.