From end of 2020, Hansel HS-55 type CSDs arrived at the dredging site of King Mariout Lake in succession. Upto now, four sets of HS-55 are already in full power production in this area, two sets of HS-55 are in sea transportation from China to Alexandria, and another two sets are in construction by HANSEL in China.

The production capacity of the 22″ CSD has reached Maximum 14,000cbm, average 12,000cbm per day per set. The client is very happy with the performance and quality of the dredgers.

In addition to the dredgers, HANSEL also supplied the workboats, the pipelines and other accessories for the dredging project.

In spite of the epidemic situation, Hansel dispatched operation team and crew to undertake the dredging operation and equipment maintenance work for the client. Most of our personnel are already received COVID-19 vaccination before they were sent abroad and we also tried our best to take measures for protection from virus.