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HANSEL provides the kits of equipment for the Newbuilding or Retrofitting project of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD).

Drag Head

  • Adjustable visor (passively or actively), the angle of the visor can be fixed
  • Protective grid to avoid a blockage of the dredge pump
  • Replaceable wearing blocks bolted under both sides of the visor and at the heel
  • Exchangeable flared point teeth at the visor end
  • Rubber seal between visor and the fixed part of the drag head
  • Replaceable jet water nozzles
  • A flexible jet water connection to the lower suction pipe

Trailing Suction Pipe Assembly

  • Lower Suction Pipe
  • Turning Gland
  • Cardan Hinge
  • Upper Suction Pipe
  • Single Hinge
  • Suction Pipe Bend
  • Slide Flange
  • Jetwater pipe included
  • Hoses and accessories included

Bow Discharging & Rainbowing System

  • Bow discharging unit structures;
  • Winch
  • Gate valve
  • Hydraulic coupling
  • Accessories

Swell Compensator System

  • Passive swell compensator
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Pulley system;
  • Accumulator
  • Control system

Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves

  • Gate Valves for loading piping, discharging piping;
  • Butterfly Valves for Jet Water Piping, Fluidizing and Washing Piping

Bottom Doors

  • Full set of bottom doors
  • Aactuators and control system

Dredge Pump

  • Inboard Dredge Pump
  • Underwater Dredge Pump

Jet Water Pump

  • Centrifugal type, Cast iron housing, Bronze impeller, high head and capacity

Hydraulic Control System

  • PLC control system
  • Trailing suction pipe control;
  • Hopper loading capacity indication;
  • Control panels and monitors included;

Gantries and Winches

  • Trunnion Gantry;
  • Intermediate Gantry;
  • Drag Head Gantry;
  • Trunnion Winch;
  • Intermediate Winch;
  • Drag Head Winch;


  • Structures, sealing, control and indicative system

Dredge Control System

  • Suction Tube Position System(STPM)
  • Draft And Loading Monitor(DLM)
  • Sensors
  • Dynamic Tracing Position System (DTPS)
  • Computer and Network
  • Software
  • Wheel house dredging control console